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Now that I have the PRS body cut out, I can start the planning stages of cutting out the body cavities.There are several different designs that I have considered using.

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I like semi-hollow electric guitars for their unique sound.I have had several thin-line Teles in the past and loved them. Mahogany is a pretty lightweight wood, all things considered, but I wanted to lighten it up even more because I plan to use a solid Macassar ebony neck.You might think that the body would be unbalanced, similar to an SG, with a heavy neck like this, but that's not the case.I am going to cut a really deep pocket for the neck. Obviously, you have to pick your routing design before you can do any routing.I chose to keep a thin half-inch wall around the outside of the body.

I think this will maintain enough structural support for the guitar once everything is glued up.Notice I have a large area in the middle that I left untouched.It will almost be a neck-thru design, so some of the weight of the neck will be in the body itself. Some luthiers' say that the only reason to make a semi-hollow body electric is to tap tune the wood. I chose to route two large pockets in the front of the guitar back.You can remove enough material from the back, top, and neck to tune the wood together. Notice that the large pocket is the side of the guitar without any controls or electronics.This is important because the electronic cavities will be routed in the back of the body--not the front.The smaller pocket creates just a little more "semi-hollowness" to the body.