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He notifies her that Helen felt uncomfortable contacting Diane while Diane was in the ward.

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Fortunately, as he admits, Boggs embezzled a substantial amount of the Chambers fortune in the past and has money still remaining.Then he proposes to be Helen's husband, and Helen accepts.In season two, after Diane's huge breakup from Sam, Boggs takes Diane back from psychiatric hospital to her apartment.In the order in which they joined the cast, Father Barry (Eric Christmas) was a priest who appeared in several episodes.He presided over Eddie Le Bec's funeral and gave spiritual advice to the main characters, most notably when Sam swears to God he will forgo sex forever if the child of an ex-lover isn't his.

Boggs (Duncan Ross) is the chauffeur to Diane's mother, Helen Chambers (Glynis Johns).In "Someone Single, Someone Blue" (1983), Boggs repeatedly asks Diane to be his wife to help Helen keep her inheritance under Diane's father Spencer Chambers's will.A number of recurring characters were "barflies", i.e.they hung out at the bar nearly as much as Norm and Cliff.Generally speaking, the barflies only received a line or two in any given appearance, and did not figure in the plots—although there are exceptions to this rule, notably with the characters of Paul Krapence and Tom Babson.The character of Cliff was originally a recurring "barfly" character, but was quickly developed into a featured character.