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It is a platform where people interact, share and ultimately fall in love.

Men who are super rich usually face the problem of finding true love because of their excess money. We have actors, singers, doctors, entrepreneurs, millionaires and big celebrities, signed up with us.

It would appear that there is no such thing as dating in Saudi-Arabia.There are no movie theaters, restaurants and cafe’s are segregated by gender and single men are denied entry into malls and even parks.This makes dating in the western sense practically impossible, driving young men and women to meet online in forums where the virtual dating scene is flourishing.Creating a romantic environment for people just like you, who are in search of someone special, is there to help you meet the right one.Love is universal and it knows no boundaries or status.

is for women who are looking for the man of their dreams.It is also for those men who are rich, in fact super rich but are poor in terms of love luck.For rich men, you can find a woman who will not love you because of your money but for who you are.If interacting with new people excites you, if you are yearning for the cupid to bless you with love and if true love is your choice over bundles of dollars, then you are on the right page. We are thriving to give you access to days of love and sleepless nights that you deserve.When the heart beats high and the time flies by, it’s when you are in love. The countries strict laws on gender segregation make sure all contact between the sexes is minimized.