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The past few years I use these Dunlop picks exclusively for bass.The center grip makes sure they don’t slip or turn while you’re playing and because they are thick and hard they just don’t bend.

They made fun of the fact that people always give black socks to people at Christmas. If that loved one is a bass player you might want to check out my suggestion list for bass player gifts.The funny thing is that every year I got black socks from my in-laws. Most items are offered through Amazon, so you know that quality and satisfaction are guaranteed.From beginner to seasoned professional, keeping your instrument in tune is essential. You just clip it to the basses headstock and turn it on.Vibrations from the instrument travel to the tuner and the note played is displayed on the the tuner’s large bright display. Old folks like me can even read it without their reading glasses.In fact, the display is so good I can read other musicians tuners across a small stage.

For pro musicians these are much easier to use than plug in tuners. No need to go to your amp or pedal board to activate the tuner.

The tuner works well with guitars and basses, including that low B on 5-string and 6-string basses.

(I find I get a quicker reading by hitting the twelfth fret harmonic.) Many bass players don’t play with a pick, but many do. That said, some of the biggest bassists are pick players.

This includes Carol Kaye, Paul Mc Cartney and Chris Squire.

For pick playing players like me you need a pick that is large and heavy.

I’ve always played with the large triangle picks and picks that are at least 1.0mm thick.