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So what happens if two people from different humor categories pair up? You might worry that it is, depending on how much your whole comedy repertoire is built on The Andy Griffith Show or classic Seinfeld episodes.

And lots haven’t even heard of Barney Fife or the Soup Nazi.

Lots of people also love to pepper their conversations with clever references to classic TV shows and pop culture.

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If, for example, a difference in humor ends up making one of you feel insecure, or less valued by the other person, then that’s a problem.Or if one of you doesn’t feel included when you are out with the other one’s friends because you don’t share their way of relating on that level, then that can make for issues you have to deal with together.A sense of humor that is cruel, or that belittles other people, is fairly normal for a teenager.It might be too dry, or too goofy, for their preference.But if they can at least understand and have fun when you’re doing your thing, then that’s a good sign that the relationship is on solid ground.

Think about it: There are plenty of relationship components where compatibility matters a lot more than humor. To relate with each other physically and intimately? Your partner may not understand why you like Woody Allen movies, and that’s fine.

For example, what if you had really different ideas about what it means to communicate well? If your relationship is strong and working well in the areas where compatibility definitely matters, then don’t sweat it if only one of you loves The Three Stooges. But if they don’t understand why you like to explore the deeper parts of life and sometimes find humor there, that may be a bigger issue.

It’s not at all a must that you crack each other up all the time.

But enjoying each other, and the time you spend together, is.

So just how crucial is it that two people are compatible, humor-wise? Having identical senses of humor is not critical for relationship success.

On the other hand, your partner missing a humorous reference might be only a minor blip on your overall compatibility screen.