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People might have questioned Leinart's speed and his scrambling ability last week but Leinart sure moves fast.

First Matt dropped his agent, then he dropped in Saturday's NFL draft, and now the news has dropped that Leinart is dating Paris Hilton.

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Quarterback Matt Leinart is pulling some very fast moves on the celebrity dating circuit.The USC star, who was drafted last weekend by the Arizona Cardinals, has gone public as the main man on Paris Hilton's arm.Leinart and Hilton were spotted shopping on a day date at The Grove mall in LA.She was trying to go incognito - for those who want to review their (shopping) pattern - click here to view the video. It has been less than a week and the guy has already gone Hollywood. I mean we know she's played the field and been with other sports stars, the Bear's Brian Urlacher and tennis' to name a few...

Last time we saw Leinart step out into the limelight he hooked up with two longhorns after sidestepping questions about his college girlfirend. I happened to be covering this year's Heisman ceremony the night in question and just before he gave everyone the Heisman I asked him these questions (he almost pummelled me - stay tuned for audio clip of that to be posted). 2 serving as a back up to Kurt Warner in Arizona but we wonder just how far down the depth chart he is with Hilton? Jason Shaw (who apparently she was first engaged to)3. other greek dude - Stavros Niarchos (who apparently she just broke up with)10. Note: We can only wonder if she'll go right through all USC's QBs... Perhaps the recently arrested Mark "Dirty" Sanchez is more Hilton's speed.Former USC star Matt Leinart was told to stay out of trouble by his new team, the Arizona Cardinals, warning him that if he’s serious about football he shouldn’t be photographed out late dancing and drinking with Paris Hilton.