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If you get the feeling that they’re uncomfortable with you being in public together as a couple, this is a red flag Ruskin says. You’ve never been to their home and when you ask them about their family life, they’re consistently vague.

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“Obscure, unidentifiable profile pictures in online dating sites and hiding of social media accounts are indicators of more than meets the eye,” Ridley said. “He travelled all the time for his job, so his unavailability from the beginning was no shock,” she said.

Is the person you’re dating perpetually “working late” or tied up?

Do you only meet up when they’re in a city other than where they live?

When Michelle in Toronto met John at a bar, he didn’t have a ring on.

He told her that he had been engaged, but never married.

“The truth was that just months prior he had gotten hitched,” she said. Karen Ruskin a psychotherapist who specializes in relationships.“Nothing but texts happened for almost a year, and honestly I wasn't putting that much energy into it or I would have Googled him, which is how I ultimately found out. ” Considering that we’re living in a day and age where everything is online, it might seem unfathomable that people are able to have affairs without anyone being the wiser, however it’s more common than you think. Anne Ridley is a psychotherapist, clinical sexologist and relationship and intimacy expert. “I understand there are some people who only have cell phones these days, so this is not a sure sign, though it is a sign to be mindful of, especially coupled with the other warning signs,” she said.As Ridley points out, “in our world of modern dating, it’s so common for 'singles' to be dating multiple people that often we assume they aren't exclusive until that conversation happens.” Therefore, it’s easy for us to miss important warning signs, even when they’re staring us right in the face. For example, they don’t pick up their phone (cell or otherwise) when you call before work hours or after works hours when they would be home.Concerned that the person you’re dating might be married? Ridley, here are some sure-fire warning signs to watch out for. Alternatively, they only call you at a certain time of day or location (e.g.only from their car, or at work) and never call from their house or after working hours.As Ruskin points out, “If the person says they don’t have a house phone but they have facetime capabilities on their cell, yet refuse to do facetime from their home, that's a warning sign.” 2. They always want to spend the night in at your place and when you do go out, it’s always to that restaurant that’s on the outskirts of town.