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Any person listening to Soriano that is not rooted in the Bible will be easily fooled. His has no right to complain as if he is a victim because he is the cause of his problems. No one ever told Soriano to preach religious hatred. First before he can spout that ma…POINT BLANK FACTS!"the ADD is a “Bible cult” based on business schemes disguising as Christianity.......

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It disguises itself as a Christian group and uses the Bible to prop up its cultic practices.

The Bible has been reduced to a tool by…The ADD cult’s boast that it is the “true church” is exposed for what it really is: hot air! Who needs a high-school dropout with his lumpia-like doctrines of heresies to tell the Christian world WHAT is the Word of God? 1 min ago by Aloysius Kayiwa THE ADD IS A WRONG TURN FOR SORIANO’S FOLLOWERS!

The ADD cult leader’s strategy to increase membership is to dupe spiritually weak and/or disgruntled members of other Christian congregations.

These are easy prey for the fo..."This great truth should have a real bearing on what we do with our bodies.

In light of these principles, the conclusion that masturbation is a sin is biblical.

Clearly, masturbation is not glorifying to God; it does not avoid the appearance of immorality, nor does it pass the test of God’s having ownership over our bodies." Soriano, the criminal leader of the Ang Dating Daan cult, teaches his followers that masturbation is not a sin and in so doing encourages his followers to masturbate freely.Soriano does so in his blog here, teaching his followers that; "In the Biblical sense of righteousness, these situations…BOOM! The claim to being a preacher from the East by quoting irrelevant Bible verses is shallow,deceptive and sham.' God would never have nothing to do with a vulgar and obscene charlatan like Soriano..... He is fake, akin a magician who spends countless hours preparing for his big show of illusion to fool gullible and illiterate followers. There is nothing edifying you can learn from Soriano and his A false preacher like Soriano-who is still in hiding for his crimes-should not convince any one with the right mind that he is sent by God.God would never have nothing to do with an vulgar and obscene charlatan like Soriano.It is a pity that his followers continue to be fooled by this false…The devils formular! Well, wonder no more, for he uses the devil's very own formula. ......." "It is high time you developed into a man and stop exposing your stupidities and Looking through Soriano’s new post has made me laugh endlessly!Mixing lies with truths, and delivering it with lots of charisma in order to be convincing. "Nothing with Soriano merits any relationship with God. He claims he is lucky for being slandered and believes that “using mathematical and logical calculations that, I am the most slandered man in the history of Christianity.” This man is really delusional.