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These knives are not intended to be put in the dishwasher, or to be left soaking in water.

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Aimed squarely at the enthusiast home chef, Shun Classic Knives are the most popular of the Shun lines.They use a Japanese steel called VG-10, which is much harder and sharper than most European steels.Many people agree that the sharpness, coupled with a lightweight feel and a traditional Western handle makes for an excellent combination.In just five short years, Shun knives have gone from nonexistent to top dog among high-end kitchen knives.Their ascendancy has been nothing short of breathtaking and has been met with serial defections from industry household names Henckels and Wusthof. While Global first introduced many Western restaurant workers to high-performing Japanese knives, Shun brought the concept to the mainstream.

Shun proved a lot of doubters wrong when it showed that the West was ready for premium knives that were razor sharp and lightweight.Shun knives were more expensive than their predecessors and in need of more preventative maintenance but once amateur chef’s got their hands on them, they never went back.See our article The Rise and Fall of the Great Knife-Makers for more details on this transformation.Shun knives are made by Kai Cutlery, a large and well respected Japanese blade-making firm.Kai purchased Kershaw Cutlery in 1978 and formed Kai USA to manufacture and distribute American-made knives.When it became clear that there was a market for high end kitchen knives using age-old Japanese knife-making techniques, Kai was perfectly positioned to lead the charge.