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Much is being made of tomorrow’s Wisconsin primary.Will it blunt the seeming inevitability of the Trump juggernaut?Will it further strengthen the Bernie Sanders opposition to Hillary Clinton?The pundits are claiming that the answer is yes to both of these questions. Certainly, on the Republican side, there are some contradictory indications.On the one hand, Trump is running into some headwinds in April.

The Mars station at 8Sagittarius53, sits in a sesquiquadrate to natal Saturn (23Cancer49), from April 3 through April 22, as well as a quincunx to natal Mercury (8Cancer51), currently square to progressed Mars, and running from April 4 through April 21.

These combine to make Trump more irritable, angrier, more impulsive, as well as more hypersensitive to criticism and peevish than usual during April.

Looks like the circus will be on steroids this month!

On the other hand, Trump is also under a station of Pluto square his Jupiter from mid-February through April, magnifying his reach and his success, and this is strongly activated by the transiting Sun opposite natal Jupiter (17Libra27) from mid-afternoon April 5 through mid-afternoon April 6, just in time for the Wisconsin primary.

Moreover, his progressed Moon (14 Cancer) is currently square to progressed Venus (14Libra) and triggered by a sextile from transiting Jupiter (14Virgo). Perhaps he will manage to tie the delegate count, which is all anyone cares about these days.

I do not have a birth time for Ted Cruz which makes precise prediction almost impossible, but, from what I can tell, using a generic noon birth time, there is a strong positive indication through about PM on April 5, overlapped by trouble beginning to build in the afternoon of April 5 through early afternoon April 6.