Dating ball

Tennis balls are filled with air and are surfaced by a uniform felt-covered rubber compound.

The felt delays flow separation in the boundary layer which reduces aerodynamic drag and gives the ball better flight properties.

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The ITF's "Play and Stay" campaign aims to increase tennis participation worldwide, by improving the way starter players are introduced to the game.

The ITF recommends a progression that focuses on a range of slower balls and smaller court sizes to introduce the game effectively to both adults and children.The slowest balls, marked with red, or using half red felt, are oversized and unpressurized, or made from foam rubber.Modern tennis balls must conform to certain criteria for size, weight, deformation, and bounce criteria to be approved for regulation play.The International Tennis Federation (ITF) defines the official diameter as 6.54–6.86 cm (2.57–2.70 inches).Balls must have masses in the range 56.0–59.4 g (1.98–2.10 ounces).Yellow and white are the only colors approved by the ITF, and most balls produced are a fluorescent yellow known as "optic yellow", first introduced in 1972 following research demonstrating they were more visible on television.