Dating a woman with herpes

It is not uncommon that most people tend to skip this conversation because of a general assumptions that their partner is ok with it.

Assumptions is never the best way to go when it comes to having an important conversation like “the Talk”.

So, why is it still very important to have conversation about your herpes status with your prospective partner while dating someone on herpes dating sit? If you have genital herpes it is likely that you will have some small sores or lesion in and around the vagina.

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One of the major trend in dating world now is the emergence of herpes dating site.But just like dating in general, there are risk and benefit associated with any venture.My goal today is to address some of the risks and benefits of dating someone with herpes on herpes dating site.One of the most daunting thing as far as dating goes for people with herpes is having what is typically called “The Talk”.“The Talk” is basically the moment you have to discuss your herpes condition with your prospective boyfriend or girlfriend.

One of the benefits offered by herpes dating site is that the fear of having “the talk” is lessened on these sites.Since almost all the members of the website have similar conditions, it makes it easier to have this important conversation whereby you disclose your herpes status with your partner.However, there is a level of risk associated with this too.Invariably, genital herpes condition tend to put you at a greater risk of contracting HIV.This is one the reason to have the conversation with both of you sharing your medical history before going ahead with dating on herpes dating site.It is always good to know the before diving into the stream.