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Learn how to select the ammunition that is right for you based on detailed comparisons from the major manufacturers.

You’ll learn how to wring the most from internal, external and terminal ballistics in the field where the shot matters.

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It had ghosted into the conifers without showing me antlers. Besides, myriad loads are possible for any one cartridge.

The .30-06 appears in about 80 types of factory ammo. It’s been felling elk for more than a century under a wide range of conditions.

Many times that number of handloads can be fashioned, with bullets and powders that continue to proliferate. Surveys I’ve taken of thousands of elk hunters put it neck-and-neck with the 7mm Remington Magnum in popularity.

A better choice for elk hunting than Remington’s big 7mm is tough to find.

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You know ballistics matter, but how can you put that information to good use?

The answer is the new Understanding Ballistics Collection — it offers updated versions of four proven ballistics resources you can put to practical use at the range.

Introduced in 1962 with the Model 700 rifle, it featured 150- and 175-grain factory loads.

Neither seemed to me ideal for elk, though Wyoming outfitter Les Bowman and the Remington company promoted the round masterfully.

Its flat arc and relatively light recoil appealed to hunters.