Dating a man with aspergers

Keep taking your cue from body language and take everything they say with a pinch of salt.

But I don’t think that in the long run, this is going to make you happy.

I learn fast…really fast (thanks to my Asperger issue) The reason why this worries me is because at the heart of this, needs to be what would make YOU happy.

If you are sacrificing nerdiness in order to explore the world and understand everything better and see what else you might enjoy then that great.

If you are sacrificing you nerdiness because: Then that sad and will lead nowhere good.

This is part of my dating advice clinic Okay Xinner gave me a chunk of stuff to work with. 27 year old, not bad looking guy 5’9 lives in Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo.

The reason I picked Xinner to cut my teeth on is because he has something I find very interesting ‘Aspergers’ now I’ve been out winging with a guy once who had Aspergers and he was a machine from a PUA point of view.

Aspergers is as much of a blessing as it is a curse.Most people start of with a whole bunch of cognitive biases and are so deluded by their emotions, which is often the main cause of any problem they have.I see someone with Aspergers as a blank canvas they start with none of these biases but they also start with none of advantages.Xinner said in his form: My dream life would be either to have a perfect relationship where there’s no infidelity or cheating, and a lot of respect.If I don’t find that, then I want the whole opposite. Now I’m going to concentrate on the first one the prefect relationship.If you want the Lots of sex with different girls then I recon you could achieve this easily, just stick the mystery method, pre scripted routines will do you well, keep watching keep calibrating. You could be a beast, confuse the fuck out of women with your natural aloofness.