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I recently acquired a shootable example of Browning's svelte little police pistol, the 7.65mm FN 1910.

The reason it can't be found in the Browning listings is that the pistol isn't a Browning - It's a Fabrique' Nationale (FN) Model 1910.

The model, although invented by JB, wasn't produced as a Browning until 1955, when they were marked "BAC" and "Model 1955". As you are no doubt aware, the Browning Arms Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fabrique Nationale.

FN made a little over 701,000 of them in the 71 years of production (1912-1983), and I know FN was well into the 20,000 serial number range by 1914 - only two years after intro. That's why when one asks about one of the FN-manufactured pistols colloquially known as "Brownings", some helpful poster always pipes up with a link to Browning's website.

This pistol was not sold stateside by the BAC, but rather in Belgium by FN, as the markings will testify.

The book is available here: your gun: Looking at the chapter on the Model 1910, and knowing only your gun's serial number (pictures would be great - is that possible?

), what I see and read in the book leads me to conclude that your 1910 was probably manufactured in the very early 1920s.Vanderlinden does not give precise serial number/year ranges for this model, but he does show pictures of the different versions of the 1910's slide address from its introduction all the way to the '70s. What threw me was the "D-star", which I had (via admittedly slender intertubes research) taken for a postwar proof, but the gun bears a certain patina of age that one begins to get familiar with after a while...I believe the grips are not original, as they display the "Browning" sans-serif letters in place of the more usual "FN" monogram.It is almost certainly a privately-imported firearm, most likely in the early postwar period. is a fabulous resource for any FN/Browning enthusiast or anybody at all who is interested in old handguns.I hesitated before spending the .00 for it, but am truly glad I did.It is a gold mine of detailed information about all the FN pistols - the 1899, 1900, 1903, 1905, 1910, 1922, High Power, Baby, etc., and it also gives the history of the FN firm and its relationship with John Browning.