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When You Disagree If you have a pre-determined game plan in place, you’re already a step ahead when a disagreement arises.When you find yourself in conflict, remember that the goal of a disagreement is to find a solution that benefits both parties, neither of you needs to “win”.Don’t set your partner up for an attack, you’re in this together.

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People are not perfect, and neither is the world we live in, so it shouldn’t surprise us that our relationships aren’t ideal. Experts tell us that it is a part of every healthy marriage and the same holds true for dating relationships.

Avoiding conflict is not the way to romantic bliss.

Learning how to handle disagreements with your partner is a big step in the right direction.

Dave Currie, a marriage counselor and marriage conference speaker with 25 years experience as a pastor and college professor sat down with me to discuss some of the important aspects of conflict resolution.

Do you find it easy or difficult to communicate with your partner?

If you have feelings of resentment and anger that have been accumulating over time, it’s vital that you take action to rid yourself of those toxic feelings.

This research examined the associations among intimacy goals in dating, strategies for managing romantic conflict, and relationship satisfaction.

He has taught thousands of couples about at marriage conferences across the world.

When practiced, these methods will help to resolve differences without allowing feelings of disappointment, bitterness and anger to build up.

Before Conflict Arises How you behave in your relationship before conflicts hits has a huge impact on how conflict is handled.

There are behaviors and attitudes you can put into practice now that will make disagreements a lot easier to handle, and a lot less damaging to your relationship when they do happen.