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(Note: We have a first runner up chosen if for some reason Dan is unable to make this trip by July 8.) My trip report will be the most beautifully written travel piece on this website to date, launching my writing career and bringing fame and fortune not only to myself but also to Travel Skills. Plane-spotting, tracking flights online and listening to air traffic control are my idea of an afternoon well spent.Having taken off on the wings of the Dreamliner, my career will then go on to span multiple Pulitzer pieces, finally coming to rest at the last unexplored place on Earth. All my adult life, the most luxurious perk I’ve ever afford myself was the extra legroom room in the Exit Row.After all, intangible experiences are what truly make up a life. It would be the chance of a lifetime to experience life on the ‘other’ side of the curtain.

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that we’ve created such a worldly, friendly, creative and eager community with Travel Skills. He works in marketing for the University of San Francisco and travels about once per month.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their thoughtful, original, funny and heartfelt entries. His opening line grabbed our attention: “Everyone ‘loves to travel’ and ‘see the world’; I just love being on a plane.

And while I feel immense pride, I’m also disappointed that we can’t give the award to contestants. In my wildest dreams, I travel internationally for work in business class once a week.

Instead, I have a marketing/story telling role that I absolutely love at a nonprofit here in SF…Whether flying to LA or London, I am consistently fascinated with the customer experience and am ever so aware of the minutiae – from the stitching on the amenity kits to the way the purser greets (or does not greet) each passenger.” To me, it sounded like Dan would really appreciate the ride in United Business First, and had an eye for detail that will result in a really good trip report. You’ll learn more about him and his trip when we publish his trip report later this summer. Watched you work exhaustively at your craft, drinking fine wines, indulging each amenity offered, comfortably nestled. I spend hours dreaming and obsessing about airplanes.