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Get ready social network for anything Affinity Groups Are you really passionate about something?Use Social Engine to create a unique social network just for people that share your passion. Startups & Businesses Create a community for your customers so they can support each other, give you feedback and rally around your product.Organizations Want to build a private network for your employees or key community members? Brands & Fans Create a custom community where your fans and followers can engage with your brand and each other on a much deeper level. 365 days professional support (chat, phone, email) and updates.Save 12 months of the social network development from the scratch receiving ready to go PG Social Biz. Startup time from 1 hour for beginners We support and help.New service: SSL certificate installation on our Chameleon Free Cloud Servers. f=3&t=207 (Current customers as usual please wait 3 days, we are making an updater script).

If you host with us and want a nice green shield in front of your domain name, you can use this link to add an SSL certificate to your website: 3.3 is here! We now have a special page where we will list Chameleon versions' logs: start with the version 3.1 which comes soon.Video in 3DCity, Likes in Urban, paying for messages and video/audio chats, and a lot more! f=5&t=209 (Current customers as usual please wait 3 days, we are making an updater script). General chat, new 3DCity locations, and a lot more! f=4&t=208 (Current customers as usual please wait 3 days, we are making an updater script). As usual this was a wish of one of our clients (more than one actually).You have full control over how your site looks and works.Every link, image, block, feature and module can be customised, modified and re-arranged.most of it can be done via Admin Panel and access to source code is available for even deeper modifications.Social networking permeate through the entire community site and drive engagement.