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And if you want to see how rapidly a bad reputation can spread, type the name Christian Carter into Google.

This man is another self-appointed relationship guru.

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Just in case you might be wondering what men and women (yes, real ones!

) think of Text Your Ex Back, I’ve been trawling through various internet forums to see what people say.

The thing is, there isn’t a lot of independent information on the Internet specifically about this program, but I found some interesting stuff nonetheless.

At this location you can read a fascinating account of why it’s good to have a complete break for a while with your ex before you even start trying to get them back. Continued from above = Basically one guy is asking how often he should be texting his ex; as it turns out she’s in a relationship with someone else.

Continued below the video = Mind you, here you can see the same on video… So one guy replies making the point that if he’s constantly texting her, she’s automatically got both the emotional stability of her ex-partner, and the excitement of being with someone new.

In short, if you’re trying to get the attention of your ex-partner, then constantly texting them is a bit counter-productive: they know they don’t have to do anything to get your attention, because your attention is already on them!

But if you make a complete break, then whatever feelings they have towards you are going to grow — because they will think “Why isn’t he/she texting/contacting me? I’m going to make a bold statement here: there aren’t any bad reviews about Mike Fiore or Text Your Ex Back anywhere on the Internet.

” That’s the kind of thought that begins to seep into a person’s soul…. No matter how hard I tried, typing in all kinds of things people might be writing about a cheater, I couldn’t find anyone who had anything bad to say about the guy, or about his work, for that matter.

So I turned to Amazon, because Mike Fiore has written some hard copy books.

Text Your Ex Back isn’t among them, but I assume this falls into the same sort of category as the ones that you can find on Amazon – dating advice, relationship advice, get-back-together-advice – so we can see what they say about him there.

And the interesting thing here is that he gets some pretty darn’ good reviews, for example one guy talks of Mike Fiore’s book Six Simple Tricks to Crack the Man Code: “As usual Michael Fiore has consolidated complicated dating information in his new book…”, while another review goes on to say “Mike Fiore gets bluntly honest about the emotional status and maturity of any and every guy, why he is that way, how to get him to open up, and how to understand him when he does.” Another reviewer comments: “Another quick read that bypasses the frill.