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The strategy behind this project is to offer a product with a difference to our clients.

Ta’ Mena Estate is owned by the Spiteri family namely Joseph, Margaret, Philip, Mark and Patrick together with their father Frank.

The estate was founded by our late mother Carmela, popularly known as Mena, who worked hard to purchase and cultivate the land until her pre-mature death in 1986, when the project was partially shelved.

In 2002 the Spiteri Family decided to start again to regenerate the 25 hectares of agricultural land which used to be a fruit and vegetable garden, to realize their late mother’s dream of integrating agriculture with tourism so that one sector sustains the other.

After seven years of very intensive planning and hard work, this project is taking shape and should be fully finished in the next two years.

Gozo is an idyllic Mediterranean island of quaint fishing villages and peaceful bays.

The pastoral landscape features green rolling hills with a patchwork of small farms that lead down to sandy beaches and inlets.

This charming destination feels further from Malta than the eight-kilometer channel separating the two islands would suggest.

We want to provide a health farm and an educational experience to young children, adolescents and adults.

At Ta’ Mena Estate we are producing typical Gozitan foods.

We are using traditional recipes which were used by our fore-fathers who did not have refrigerators and freezers but still had to provide for the winter season.

Their small secret was the use of the unique Mediterranean Sun and natural preservatives, particularly marine salt, to preserve several foods and beverages namely the Sun Dried Sweet Tomato Paste , the Sun Dried Tomatoes, Wild Capers in Vinegar and the Prickly Pear Liqueur.