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Wilfrid, godfather of Clotaire III, put to death by Ebroin together with his brother, and patron of the town of Saint-Chamond ; St. At the end of the fifth century Lyons was the capital of the Kingdom of Burgundy, but after 534 it passed under the domination of the kings of France. 488) the school of Lyons was famous; Sidonius Apollinaris was educated there.

Louis the Pious having been restored to power, caused Agobard to be deposed in 835 by the Council of Thionville , but three years later gave him back his see, in which he died in 840.

During the exile of Agobard the See of Lyons had been for a short time administered by Amalarius of Metz, whom the deacon Florus charged with heretical opinions regarding the "triforme corpus Christi ", and who took part in the controversies with Gottschalk on the subject of predestination. Remy (852-75) continued the struggle against the heresy of Valence, which condemned this heresy, and also was engaged in strife with Hincmar.

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The confluence of the Rhône and the Saône , where sixty Gallic tribes had erected the famous altar to Rome and Augustus , was also the centre from which Christianity was gradually propagated throughout Gaul . Clement dates from the twelfth century and is without foundation. Cyprian and Pope Stephen I, in 254, regarding the Novatian tendencies of Marcian , Bishop of Arles . Médard of Soissons, composed a long treatise which completed the ruin of that heresy.The presence at Lyons of numerous Asiatic Christians and their almost daily communications with the Orient were likely to arouse the susceptibilities of the Gallo-Romans . Its victims at Lyons numbered forty-eight, half of them of Greek origin, half Gallo-Roman , among others St. Pothinus , first Bishop of Lyons, sent to Gaul by St. The letter addressed to the Christians of Asia and Phrygia in the name of the faithful of Vienne and Lyons, and relating the persecution of 177, is considered by Ernest Renan as one of the most extraordinary documents possessed by any literature ; it is the baptismal certificate of Christianity in France. But when Diocletian by the new provincial organization had taken away from Lyons its position as metropolis of the three Gauls , the prestige of Lyons diminished for a time. Agobard displayed great activity as a pastor and a publicist in his opposition to the Jews and to various superstitions.At the end of the empire and during the Merovingian period several saints are counted among the Bishops of Lyons: St. His rooted hatred for all superstition led him in his treatise on images into certain expressions which savoured of Iconoclasm.The Archdiocese of Lyons (Lugdunensis) comprises the Department of the Rhône (except the Canton of Villeurbanne , which belongs to the Diocese of Grenoble) and of the Loire. Viventiolus (515-523), who in 517 presided with St. Lupus , a monk, afterwards bishop (535-42), probably the first archbishop, who when signing in 438 the Council of Orléans added the title of "metropolitanus"; St. Adoptionism had no more active enemies than Leidrade (798-814) and Agobard (814-840).The Concordat of 1801 assigned as the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Lyons the Departments of the Rhône, the Loire, and the Ain and as suffragans the Dioceses of Mende, Grenoble, and Chambéry. 433-50), a monk of Lérins and the author of homilies, from whom doubtless dates the foundation at Lyons of the "hermitages" of which more will be said below; St. Sardot or Sacerdos (549-542), who presided in 549 at the Council of Orléans , and who obtained from King Childebert the foundation of the general hospital; St. Priseus (573-588) bore the title of patriarch , and brought the council of 585 to decide that national synods should be convened every three years at the instance of the patriarch and of the king; St. When Felix of Urgel continued rebellious to the condemnations pronounced against Adoptionism from 791-799 by the Councils of Ciutad, Friuli, Ratisbon, Frankfort, and Rome, Charlemagne conceived the idea of sending to Urgel with Nebridius, Bishop of Narbonne , and St.

The Archdiocese of Lyons was authorized by Letters Apostolic of 29 November, 1801, to unite with his title the titles of the suppressed metropolitan Sees of Vienne and Embrun (see G). But there are still revered at Lyons the prison cell of St. Patiens (456-98) who successfully combated the famine and Arianism, and whom Sidonius Apollinaris praised in a poem; St. Nicetius or Nizier (552-73), who received from the pope the title of patriarch , and whose tomb was honoured by miracles. Benedict , abbot of the monastery of Aniane , Archbishop Leidrade , a native of Nuremberg and Charlemagne's librarian.In 1822 the Department of Ain was separated from the Archdiocese of Lyons to form the Diocese of Belley; the title of the suppressed church of Embrun was transferred to the Archdiocese of Aix, and the Archdiocese of Lyons and Vienne had henceforth as suffragans Langres , Autun, Dijon, St. It appears to have been proved by Mgr Duchesne, despite the local traditions of many Churches , that in all three parts of Gaul in the second century there was but a single organized Church , that of Lyons. Sebastian of ruins of a capable of being transformed into an amphitheatre, and of some fragments of inscriptions apparently belonging to an altar of Augustus , has led several archæologists to believe that the martyrs of Lyons suffered death on this hill. Pothinus , where Anne of Austria, Louis XIV, and Pius VII came to pray, and the crypt of St. There are numerous funerary inscriptions of primitive Christianity in Lyons; the earliest dates from the year 334. They preached against Adoptionism in Spain, conducted Felix in 799 to the Council of Aachen, where he seemed to submit to the arguments of Alcuin, and then brought him back to his diocese., But the submission of Felix was not complete; Agobard, "Chorepiscopus" of Lyons, convicted him anew of Adoptionism in a secret conference, and when Felix died in 815 there was found among his papers a treatise in which he professed Adoptionism.Justus (374-381) who died in a monastery in the Thebaid and was renowned for the orthodoxy of his doctrine in the struggle against Arianism (the church of the Machabees , whither his body was brought, was as early as the fifty century a place of pilgrimage under the name of the collegiate church of St. The five historical treatises which he wrote in 833 to justify the deposition of Louis the Pious , who had been his benefactor, are a stain on his life. Avitus of Vienne , convoked a council at Lyons for the conversion of the Arians; St. Under Charlemagne and his immediate successors , the Bishops of Lyons, whose ascendancy was attested by the number of councils over which they were called to preside, played an important theological part. With the aid of the deacon Florus he made the school so prosperous that in the tenth century Englishmen went thither to study. Genesius or Genes (660-679 or 680), Benedictine Abbot of Fontenelle , grand almoner and minister of Queen Bathilde ; St. Ravaged by the Saracens in 725, the city was restored through the liberality of Charlemagne who established a rich library in the monastery of Ile Barbe. The letter of Leidrade to Charlemagne (807) shows the care taken by the emperor for the restoration of learning in Lyons.