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Deep inside, he is extremely protective of his lover, family, and friends, and goes to great lengths to take care of them in the best way he knows.In a love relationship he is intense lover who does not fall for a pass-by-affair.He is a traditional man and loves to see his lady love wrapped in feminine attitude with plenty of traditional aspects.

She is goal-driven and knows how to put her energy into the right places in order to get results.Down-to-earth and highly sensual at the same time, she is the ideal mate for the practical man who is searching for a lasting and satisfying relationship.Her artistic touch and fine tastes add a lot of intrigue to her personality, making her all the more lovable and desirable.She always takes love affair seriously and looks for a long term association with full devotion.In the love association of Taurus and Capricorn, the courtship is usually lengthy as neither of the two jumps into partnership thoughtlessly.

Usually they make each other feel so extraordinarily comfortable and safe that they might surprise themselves and give in to the feelings they have for each other more readily than they would with others.

A Capricorn man is strongly ambitious, determined and good to talk person but definitely to deal with.

He generally seems to be more practical and stiff with a reputation for being ruthless or selfish, but this is simply because he tries to achieve as much as possible goals.

The Taurus woman is lovingly sweet and simple lady with a few dedicated goals in life and a devoted heart for her loved ones.

A Capricorn man can actually find a great companion in her who is in many ways similar to him.

Just like him, she too wants a lovely home which she can be proud of as a status symbol as well as she can be able to enjoy all the comforts that she can be provided with.