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There are generally users from India, Europe and Northern America on the site.

İçerikleri kişiselleştirmemize, reklamları özelleştirip ölçmemize ve daha güvenli bir deneyim sağlamamıza yardımcı olması için çerezleri kullanırız.

Siteye tıklayarak veya giderek, Facebook'ta ve Facebook'un dışında çerezler aracılığıyla bilgi toplamamıza izin vermiş olursunuz.

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No matter who you are or what you do in life, I guarantee you have a fetish for something. For some it is the simple things like women smoking or female feet or ass or finger nails.For others its slightly more out there for things like leather, tattoos, PVc or rubber. Me personally, I have a desire to watch women smoking.And some people like the truly away from the norm things like the colour yellow, socks or hair over face. It baffles me why this turns me on and gets me going because I am a non smoker myself and have never even tried one cigarette.But the second I see a women light up I am instantly mesmerised and lost in a trance as I watch her take puffs of her cigarette.Hey People is a quality random chat site where you can meet with people from different countries.

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It has always been with me for as long as I can remember.

And with this particular fetish, like so many, I could have my fill of it any time I wanted as there are always females smoking where ever you look. Well I discovered chats sites which are online websites with one to one interaction with gorgeous women who are all experts at taking some one’s fantasy and desire and bringing it to life.

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