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Do Make Small Talk with Clients Talking with clients is a great way to build intimacy without taking your clothes off.

The idea of small talk, ironically, is to talk about large, ubiquitous topics that everyone can relate to.

However, there's a fine art to choosing which topics to discuss.

Don't Forget about Sound Quality Many amateur cammers focus solely on their makeup and wardrobe, while neglecting to provide viewers with a quality audio experience.

Acoustic wall foam is cheap and can drastically reduce unwanted reverb in your moaning and sexy whispering.

You can also make a DIY pop filter for your microphone using a hanger, a wooden hoop, and a pair of pantyhose you remove during a striptease.

Do Choose the Right Setting It's important to choose a camming environment that your client will find erotic.

Here are a few examples: Don't Share Your Personal Information......unless the price is right.

Charge viewers at least for your real name, for your phone number and for a map to your apartment.

You may have to immediately spend the money moving and changing your name, but this is called overhead and is a normal part of business.

A great philosopher, possibly that floating old man in Final Fantasy VII, once said that the unexamined life is not worth living.

This is why it's important to live your life in front of a webcam, where it can be examined by hundreds of lonely men on the internet.

Camming is also a great way to make Mad Money, like Jim Cramer, except slightly more dignified.

But like any fine art, camming has its do's and don'ts, which is why we've assembled this helpful guide.