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For example, he shared a little too much on recently when asked about the fellatio skills of two of his most famous exes.

During a game of “Plead the Fif,” comedian B Daht asked an inappropriate question that the rapper should have known to plead the fifth to.

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Well, then I might as well go ‘head and keep it even, they both is might, mighty, mighty swell.” Cannon: “I would’ve pleaded the fifth…” How ironic that Nick Cannon of all people is telling Bow Wow to plead the fifth, but I guess he learned his lesson after he divulged too much information about sex with Mariah…

This isn’t the first time Bow Wow has talked a little too much about his famous exes.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club back in 2012, he confirmed that he had slept with Ciara (as well Karrine Steffans, Dollicia Bryan and maybe even Kim Kardashian), but interesting enough, said at that time that he hadn’t had sexual relations with Simmons.

I don’t know if he thinks all this oversharing will help with his credibility as a rapper, but it definitely helps with his image as something of a sleazeball.

The book exposed her “slorish” ways with some of the most popular men in entertainment, including Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Vin Diesel, and many others. One of Karrine’s most coveted conquests has been Lil’ Wayne.

In fact, even though she is married, she says that she is still in love with him.

Well, it looks like she’s trying to get Weezy’s attention anyway she knows how.

Karrine Steffans films Bow Wow adjusting his clothes in the bathroom — like they just got done with some freaky business!

Bow Wow claims they’re just friends, but we can’t trust these celebrities.

But try as hard as he might, it’s what comes out of Bow Wow’s mouth that keeps people from taking him seriously.

From saying that he makes his girlfriends famous, to kissing and telling about his exes on national TV, Bow Weezy just can’t get it right.