Biblical view of validating feelings El salvador xxx

You should tell her you are glad to see her accompanied by a warm kiss and/or a hug. When you go places together you should make sure that you first take into consideration any needs she may have.2) She senses you value talking with her Take a moment and focus your attention on her whenever she is speaking to you.

If their husbands make the mistake of not paying attention, getting impatient with all the details, or trying to speed up the conversation, women do not feel valued.Giving you details is part of how she communicates. 3) You should give her regular opportunities to share her concerns with you, which makes her feel close to you.Wives want to share their concerns with their husbands on a daily basis.“Biblical Love” (agape) = “valuing others as God values them and then sacrificing yourself for them” How your wife can feel loved and valued by you, her husband: 1.Her purpose in relating and communicating is to sense and feel she is valued and loved by you, A woman wants to be touched emotionally, she wants to "feel loved” by you, her husband.

She wants to feel that she is the most important person in your life under the Lord. Women communicate to build relationships, men communicate to share information or solve problems. A wife senses and feels loved by you when 1) She senses that you want to be with her You need to give emotional signals that you want to be with her.You should greet her and give her attention when she comes home or she comes into your presence.How Men and Women Communicate Differently in a Marriage Relationship By Pastor Ron Jones, D.D., © Titus Institute, 2003 The Scriptures urge husbands and wives to love each other, but the Scriptures focus on different ways of accomplishing that due to gender differences.Eph.-30 Paul focuses the husband on valuing his wife as Christ values the church by caring for her and her needs. 3:7 Peter focuses the husband on being considerate of his wife and her concerns Eph.-24 Paul focuses the wife on following her husband and respecting him.Tit.2:4 Paul focuses the wife on keeping her “affections” turned toward her husband, children, and home.