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'We didn't know anyone in Singapore, so did not have the first clue on schooling, the various neighbourhoods to live in, where to do groceries, finding your local medical practitioner and so on,' she explained.'I have always been that person who loves to book my holiday 12 months out in advance, so as to ensure I can get the flights that I want, have time to research where I would like to stay and the best places to eat, shop and do sightseeing.''I am sure my list is no different to all the working mothers out there, but I was finding my one page to do list was spilling over to a good few pages and then looking very messy as lines were being crossed out,' she said.'It was one single list on a notepad ranging from specific grocery items I had to buy; mothers to text to arrange play dates for my daughter; presents to buy for birthday parties' reminders to book my waxing; new toddler recipes to try out; people to arrange dinner with and people I owed thank you cards to.

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In my app, you can custom create tabs, and I have a tab for school lunch, snack and dinner ideas so that I can refer to when stuck for inspiration and drawing up the list.' 'On rainy days when we are stuck for activities - we have a wooden box where we have lots of pieces of papers in different colours rolled up where each person writes four things to do,' she explained.

'From disinfecting kitchen cloths overnight soaked with that solution in water, to cleaning stubborn stains and my favourite - fail proof oven cleaner.

Simply apply everywhere and leave for an hour and then rinse with hot water.''As I have never found a deodorant that is properly chemical free yet effective, I tried baking soda,' she said.

My mother passed that tip on years ago but I never tried it out until I was pregnant - and she is absolutely right!

thank you cards, social plans to arrange, a children related section, and then I had a separate daily to-do list.''Someone else the next day said building an app was on the list of “things to do before you die” - and it got me thinking: "Why not turn what I needed to an app to benefit not just me but all mothers out there?

".''First thing in the morning after school drop off, when you have the first five minutes to yourself, its useful to just sit down and think what needs to be done that day and looking at the list and mentally go through the structure of the day.'What's urgent, what's a "must do soon", and what is a "nice to do someday".A long list is overwhelming and enough to put anyone off so they just throw the list away and start again rather than deal with things.'''It doesn't have to be strictly adhered too, but again it gives you something to fall back on, so that you don't have to worry at the end of the day when tired "oh no what am I going to do for school lunch tomorrow".'You can also incorporate leftovers from dinner for school lunches.''My favourite one, is instead of everyday rummaging through your make up bag looking for the specific items, take your key items that you always use and Blu-Taqck them on the bathroom wall by the mirror.'I tried to do that, but invariably forgot but liked the idea of it.So decided to create a section in Savvy Mum called “Keepsakes”, which allows you to quickly type out a story on your phone, and then email it directly from your inbox.'Another friend showed me how on her phone she kept an album of all her holiday outfits, so that when she packed, she wouldn’t forget an item to bring because of the wardrobe being crammed with clothes you often forget what you have.