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3 April 2005A rape victim is admitted and has managed to hold on to part of her attacker.

Meanwhile Izzie has difficulty with a patient who cannot speak English and Meredith becomes concerned about a baby she thinks is very ill.

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17 April 2005Alex uses Izzie's modeling against her, and her last ad causes a patient to reject her care.Meredith finds parallels between a patient and her mother, and Christina must deal with a hospital-savvy patient.24 April 2005Meredith worries she did something wrong during a heart bypass, an error in a past procedure is discovered, putting a staff member's conduct under scrutiny, while a party thrown by Izzie to introduce her boyfriend becomes a fiasco.A woman with a massive tumor is admitted, with all the surgeons required to scrub in.Meanwhile, a supposedly psychic patient proves bothersome, Alex must convince a young girl to agree to a life saving operation, and Cristina is conflicted about her pregnancy.

George discovers he has syphilis, and it soon emerges that the disease is rampant among the hospital staff.Suspicious about a patient's death, Izzie and Cristina perform an unauthorized autopsy, and Richard requires an emergency operation.In their absence, Meredith is assigned a patient with Parkinson's and, because Alex's pager is not working, Izzie is left in charge of the floor herself.Izzie and George find out about Meredith and Derek, while Cristina makes a discovery of her own.George thinks an anesthesiologist is drinking on the job, and Meredith deals with a young girl who has had illegal surgery.Meredith wants to learn more about Derek, but he remains cagey.