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Learn more at registration: students get 50% discount (early bird, 329 + HST before Feb. 1) You will have a terrific learning experience and a chance to join the conversation and learn what others are doing with the e-book challenge!In the Harvard style, references are listed at the end of your work, and are organised alphabetically by the family name of the author. [Performance viewed 10 July 2004, Lincoln Centre, New York]. (depending on whether director or producer) Year published or first transmission.

The e-book landscape is changing for all libraries.In the past year we have seen new innovations in e-book technology, changes to licensing terms from some of the Big 5 as well as changes in accessibility for our print-challenged users, and more. Here's a one and a half day symposium that explores these changes and provides an opportunity to discuss your library's strategies for addressing the e-book landscape.A 2015 FOPL Market Probe Canada Ontario public opinion poll showed that: • e-Audiobook usage is leveling off • Fiction and non-fiction e-book usage is growing very well - in the double digits.• 14% of our users have downloaded an item from our library website (300% growth in 5 years) • 32% of Ontarians had downloaded books or magazines (but not necessarily from the library) • 11% of Ontarians prefer e-books and 14% read both print and digital books equally.• Demand is increasing for new e-book, e-news, and e-magazine services.

What is the situation for college and academic libraries? What are the limits to growth in our key library strategies of supporting reading?What are our best strategies for a hybrid print and digital reading ecology? We have assembled a great group of speakers to explore the issues of the changing landscape.How does one market these collections to build awareness? Some of our speakers include, Vickery Bowles, City Librarian, Toronto Public Library; Sarah Bonato, Reference/Research Librarian, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Beth Jefferson, CEO, Bibliocommons, Michael Ciccone, CELA/Bibliotekkie Consulting, Inc., Christina de Castell, Manager, Policy & Advocacy, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA); Stephen Abram, Executive Director, Federation of Ontario Public Libraries; and others representing libraries, publishers and specialists.Many people use these terms interchangeably so, if you are unsure about whether you need to include a bibliography as well as a reference list, ask your tutor. Modeling the impacts of agriculture on water resources: semantic interoperability issues. Use the Government department/committee/organisation as the author. You should include all author names in the reference. Example: Lord Chancellor's Department and Department of Health. If you refer to an image that you have found in a printed source, eg a book, you must provide a reference for that source. It is not necessary to provide a reference in your bibliography for an interview that you have conducted yourself. Available from: you don't know the year that article will be published: Family name, INITIAL(S). Where a source has a very long list of authors, e.g. If the item is produced by an organisation, treat the organisation as a "corporate author". Check with your tutor about the most appropriate way to present images in your work, eg including a list of images in an appendix. Check with your tutor about the most appropriate way to present this in your work, eg including transcripts in an appendix.