Are terrance and rocsi dating

Almost a year ago I started dating a minister at my church. We talked day and night and had a great connection. A few months ago a young lady starting attending our church and she was always speaking to him, but he never changed.

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It’s unfortunate, but, most recently the news has been filled with ministers and pastors getting caught out there sleeping around, and sexing many of the women, and men, in their congregations. Here’s the thing: You and your pastor boyfriend need to have a serious conversation. Also, know that, especially now, that he is the pastor of a church the groupies are going to come out in full force.And, it’s no secret that in the Black Church pastors, ministers, deacons, ushers, and the choir director are all sleeping with each other, or they are sleeping with most of the folks in the church. He is not above reproach, so, don’t be scared in approaching him to find out what his plans are for your relationship, and where he sees it going. I understand you are at another church and feel committed to that church, but if he is your man, and he is the pastor of your grandfather’s church, but, uhm, shouldn’t you be there? They are going to be throwing their Sunday church panties at him, if they are going to be wearing any at all.Women are going to be coming at him from out of the woodwork, the pews, the stain glass, and from up under the church.And, his new leadership role will give him lots of ego and pride.You know what this young woman’s motives are, so please don’t act naïve. Her goal and aim, if she is not already sleeping with him, is to become the first lady of the church before you!

Don’t be surprised when you see her sitting up in the first pew with her big church hat. How can you both be more supportive of one another, and you of him as the new pastor of your grandfather’s church?It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out her motives and aims. Let him know that though you may be saved, sanctified, and filled with the holy ghost, but if you need to get buck with that young lady, then, YOU WILL GET BUCK!She wants him, or they are already having an affair. You didn’t go into much detail about the intimacy of your relationship with him, and I understand that due to him being a pastor and your decorum as a church sanctified lady, but, err, ma’am, don’t sleep on this man and his needs and desires. If he is not getting it from you, then he will get it from someone who is willing to be his freak in the sheets, or under his robe. And, there are plenty of church women groupies who are willing to sneak in the pastor’s study, or in the sanctuary after the church is empty and slide up under that robe. There are some church freaks who will do the deed all in the name of the lord, while he is laying hands, literally! Don’t let that young lady run you out of your own house! Get him together, and sit him down and tell him to be honest with you and upfront. Don’t let the, “Praise the lord,” and “Hallelujah,” fool you!This is where you, the woman by his side, remind him of where he came from, what his role is, and to not to get too high and mighty for his own good.You’re going to have to keep him grounded, and focused.You’re going to have to help him ward off the temptations from the church freaks, and groupies who will be coming from the left and right.