Arcgis server 9 2 updating cache

I followed the steps in the above mentioned help document closely, providing my shape file here: Unfortunately my feature class is completely ignored.When I examin the resulting PNG tiles, I notice that tiles were created for the entire map, also for the rural areas in between. If you want to populate the cache in a discontinuous collection of extents, you need to re-execute the population command with singleton polygons in each extent.

I am publishing a map service to Arc GIS Server 10.0.I cannot succeed to limit the creation of tiles to certain areas only, instead of creating them for the entire map.According to this help document ("Map caching based on feature boundaries "), as far as I understand, this should be possible.In my map document I have an aerial photo of an area containing some villages.I have a shape file polygon feature class with rectangular polygons containing the villages.

I want to provide this feature class to limit the creation of tiles only to the portions of the aerial photo within these bounding rectangles.I am not interested in the rural areas in between the villages.It would be a waste of computing time and disk space to have tiles created outside the rectangles.We don't have a mxd file, we don't have the data, just the cache.This directory is not located on the deafault and we don't intend to move it there, as there woudn't be enough space on disk C:\ . So I've created a new cache directory in Arc GIS Server Manager that leads to the exact path of our cache.We would like to publish this cache as a cached map service/image service on the server.