Apple tv podcasts not updating

tv OS 9.1.1 is available a month and a half after the release of tv OS 9.1.Like the first minor tv OS update, tv OS 9.0.1, tv OS 9.1.1 focuses on under-the-hood improvements, but it does introduce one major change -- a new Podcasts app for the Apple TV.

Apple today released the third update to tv OS, the operating system designed to run on the fourth-generation Apple TV.

tv OS 9.1.1 is a minor update that likely includes bug fixes and performance updates to address issues discovered since the launch of tv OS 9.1, which was released to the public in December of 2015.

The new 9.1.1 update can be downloaded over the air through the Settings app on the Apple TV by going to System -- Software Update.

Those who have automatic software updates turned on will be upgraded to the new 9.1.1 operating system automatically.

There are a number of audio and video podcasts to discover and enjoy. After selecting your country, you can view the top overall video and audio podcasts.

Podcasts are also curated into 16 different genre categories like arts, comedy, education, and many more.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can also search by podcast name or genre.

You don’t have to wait for Apple to enjoy podcasts on the new Apple TV.

While Apple is reportedly planning to bring its official Podcasts app back to the new streaming device at some point, Podcasts by my Tuner has just hit the tv OS App Store.

The app features more podcasts than you can imagine.

Users can select from more than 3 million episodes from 100 different countries.