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Armenian The sexiest nationalities for men, based on preferences of 66,309 men:10.

On the flip side, 50 Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan (Irish) and Marvel's God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth (Australian) are believed to have influenced the female's preferences.

Irish The results may be surprising, though Miss Travel believes there to be a correlation between the men's tastes and popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian (Armenian) and Rihanna (Bajan), who each command millions of rabid followers on Instagram.

Which country produces the most attractive-looking people? A new study says that people of Armenian and Irish descent are considered to the most desired among online daters. Travel dating website, Miss Travel, compiled the dating preferences of its American users to find which nationalities men and women were most attracted to. The sexiest nationalities for women, based on preferences of 44,873 men:10. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve been a part of in Armenia, so this comes as a real heartbreak to me.

It also comes as a reminder of the type of rejection, shame, and violence I feared from Armenians growing up, which ultimately led me to reject my Armenian identity and the community I come from.One of the other reasons why I came to Armenia was to reconcile these identities that seemed to be at odds–gay and Armenian–and fall in love again with this little homeland of mine.Below is a Facebook “status” he posted about being discriminated in Armenia 5 months into his trip.I was kicked out of the Armenian dance group I have been practicing with for the last 5 months today because the instructor spotted one of my writings online and found out that I’m gay.Part of the reason why I came to Armenia was to do and feel the sort of thing that those dances make me feel: strong, and connected with the culture and identity I’ve always drawn strength from my entire life.I was told that I’m not Armenian, that I don’t belong to this “nation,” and that I don’t h I LOVE Armenian dance.