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Somewhere along the way while most people are attaining adulthood, they either lose their natural childhood curiosity in the sciences and the world around them, or they never obtain it.Reading science journals or even watching documentaries is not among their pastimes.

Hollywood is notorious for throwing physics and other forms of reality out the window when it comes to most of their science fiction films.

A rare exception was Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic While I have no illusions that many folks see films primarily to be entertained and moved emotionally, it is also a sad but true fact that many of these same people receive most of their science "education" from films, consciously or otherwise.

Sagan and his wife, Ann Druyan, were wise in using this medium to reach the widest audience possible to give the public something far beyond mere light fantasy.

Sagan also used this very method in publishing science articles in on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television in 1980.

Copyright (c) 1997 by Larry Klaes ([email protected] SETI League United States Northeastern Regional Coordinator The COSETI Observatory General Coordinator Any comments on this article and the film should be emailed direct to Larry Klaes and copied to Stuart Kingsley , into a major motion picture.

I was deeply interested to see if we would be given a masterpiece equal to the 1985 novel.I equally feared a flawed attempt (or worse) to depict one possible way humanity might receive a message from an extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) and our reactions to such a momentous event.Back to top I was heartened to know that Sagan himself was supervising very closely how the science was presented in the film, not to mention his philosophies on the main theme.Witness the numbers who believe in astrology and blindly follow cult leaders to their deaths, as just two such examples.Carl Sagan tried to counter this degrading trend with the previously mentioned methods.Sagan also used his incredible skills at explaining science to the masses with , published as a novel in 1985 and turned into a film in 1997.