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We all know the man can act, and recently we've learned he has great instincts when it comes to directing, too, but he also has quite the musical ability!

Though he says it's just a hobby that he dabbles in singing and guitar, he has doing it on the sidelines for a long time-- ever since his soap opera days when he was featured as backing vocals on Soap Sessions Volume 3: Beatles.

Sometimes he gets so caught up in his "front row seat" for the performances he forgets to deliver his own lines, or so he jokes.28.He has hobbies and interests above his work, making him a well-rounded person.Golf and photography top his list, two things which don't have a lot in common and make him all the more interesting because of their diversity.27.He is proof that if you work hard and know what you want, you will make your dreams come true.He has wanted to direct for years, and he also always wanted to be a part of some type of gun-slinging western.

And he has proven himself so smart about the work that the powers at be at 26.

He considers himself a Christian, but he isn't preachy about it, and he never imposes his beliefs on others who may have different viewpoints.25.

convention I ever covered was when the show was in its third season... And how better to celebrate the man than by listing 33 things that make him awesome?

Because today is not about me but instead about the birthday boy himself!

And I promise they won't , he allows a little bit of his Texas accent to slip through.30.

He's a family man first and foremost, always going home for the holidays and taking any chance to work with his dad Alan, a fellow actor; the two appeared together in the independent horror movie .29.