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Yet to say anything negative about Islam publicly these days implies that you are racist, mean-spirited, and God (or should I say Allah) forbid, Islamophobic.

The horrendous Bastille Day slaughter in Nice on July 14 was just the latest in a series of terrorist atrocities done for the sake of Allah in France.

There have been so many that Wikipedia lists them in a table.

Nice was the 13th Islamic attack in France since December 2014 – all for the promise of 72 virgins in paradise.

In January 2015, there was a mass shooting at the Paris offices of the satirical magazine, had lampooned Christianity instead of the Muslim religion, nobody would have cared much about it.

Virtually all Danish churches and political parties strongly opposed the deportation of Jews during Nazi occupation and were very public and vocal about it.

The Danish people banded together to hide and evacuate their Jewish population.Thus casualties among Danish Jews during the Holocaust were among the lowest of the occupied countries of Europe—more than 99% survived.The Western media has allowed itself to be censored by Islamic nutcases who want to impose a misogynistic, medieval theocracy worldwide.Their foot soldiers are fanatical young men deluded by a myth of 72 virgins in paradise.The entire Western press, rather than just a few brave souls sticking their necks out, should declare zero tolerance of Islamic intolerance.Just as the Danes discovered, there is more safety in numbers.