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And what difference does their physical attractiveness make to each man and woman’s success?

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A reader telegraphed the Chateau a link to a very interesting experiment that an intrepid blogger ran on OKCupid.He created ten fake profiles, five men and five women of increasing physical attractiveness, and measured the response rate he received over a four-month period.The results should be little surprise to regular guests of this mysterious sanctum sanctorum, but are worth examining in detail for the clarity they provide to men who are considering making online dating the fulcrum of their mate selection strategy.The experiment: How many unsolicited messages do men get compared to women?The two hottest men get a few bites, but because they are men and have no personal concept of the sheer volume of sexual attention that hot women experience during their brief window of prime fertility, they think they are Kings of Maine. The three men with looks ranging from ugly to above-average received a grand total of three messages over four months.

Handsome Joe: “Hey, Emma, I got eight messages this week! If you are the average man, don’t plan on letting your generic beta profile and photo do your work for you.Hell, even if you are a good-looking man, you won’t have many messages to work with after four months.For the second-hottest chick, 1 in 3 men who viewed her profile sent her a message.For the second-hottest man, 1 in 10 women who viewed his profile sent him a message.(Strangely, the putative hottest man got no messages.) Conclusion: Looks matter a lot more for women’s mating success. ” Exquisite Emma: “128.” Handsome Joe:😯 Even more depressing for those above average-looking men who think they can bank on their decent looks to score pussy, the ugliest girl (that cow all the way over on the left) got one more message than the three men, from left to right, got in total.Or: looks matter a lot less for men’s mating success (relative to all the other criteria they must meet to satisfy women’s 463 bullet-point checklist). As we can see, the two hottest girls are cleaning up in the attention whore sweepstakes. The plain jane got almost as many messages as the two hottest men combined. Finally, the results after four months: Holy mackerel! The next time you hear a feminist whine about the patriarchy, show her this graph and tell her where the real power resides. The ugliest man got nothing after four months of desperation.