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Rather Laying down that fear meant trusting God more.Trusting in provisions, protection, and redemptive grace for these girls as much as I had learned to depend on it for myself.

It’s not that we have to lock ourselves up in a protected pad, but that we need to consider what gets access to our souls on a consistent basis.With this new understanding about God’s design for whole-life purity, my position on dating took on a more grace-filled approach as well.Rather than focusing on rules to prevent getting hurt, I began to see the greatest risk isn’t a broken heart !Have you noticed how easy it is to be opinionated about something that you don’t actually have to live out for yourself?I find that’s the case when it comes to the topic of dating and our daughters.

Once upon a time, I was My staunch stance against dating in high school didn’t changed because God accomplished such a radical healing in my heart and enabled me to see that my position about dating was forged in hurt, shame, and regret.

See, my high school and early college years marked a season of unhealthy, abusive, and shame-filled relationships.

When I came to accept Jesus as my Savior during my junior year, I swept all those wounds under the “forgiven for everything” banner and press onward.

It wasn’t until after my marriage that I realized the severity of what I experienced, and it took nearly a decade, with godly counseling, to come to terms with my past and heal completely from the guilt and shame.

With that personal healing also came a beautiful new understanding of God’s design for purity — something that is about much more than not having sex before marriage.

Purity is about honoring God’s design for marriage and for the need for emotional and spiritual intimacy with a spouse.