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((John Phoenix Hutchinson))- (English Poet/Lake District guide/Photographer/ Author of Wainwrights In Verse (Haystack Publications using the Createspace publishing platform Feb.

2015) a poetical guide based on the popular Alfred Wainwright list of Lake District fells 214 Poems 214 Mountains).

Her first experience hearing the words, “I love you” was at the age of seven years old through a vision; this left a profound imprint in her soul.

She expresses this given love through her creativity - she has written two books.

The first book is called, "The Me I Never Was" - a designed matrix of the mind, soul, and spirit embarking on the journey into “Oneness.” Using the creative flow of words through different genres of writing, the pages become alive; the words reaching into your quiet hours, speaking only to you and gently guiding you to a place of peace and acceptance of the innate seed planted into you before your earthly birth.

The images on the pages are artistically created to give you vision of the mind and to see beyond the box we have been put in.

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All requests concerning literature topics should be entered here.Please add authors' names alphabetically under their last names and provide links—internal or external—and/or a brief description so as to help those who want to create an article.Do NOT add a link such as Collins, Warwick, as it will not be able to be created and it will be removed."The Me I Never Was" is a given gift to all who seeks to live in Truth!It has come to the aid of the seeker in stripping the bandages of bondage!It has come to unchain the lies that have kept your spirit imprisoned to the soul's experiences!