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Paedophile pageant: Girls aged just 11, 17, 15, 14 and 12, all work in Ilican City's brothels.

Most come from impoverished backgrounds and earn €2 a night from the abuse, which goes a long way in the Philippines Vile: A suspected British paedophile chats over webcam.

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Police in the Philippines said the suspects were 'caught in the act of recruiting and using children for online trafficking, pornography and sexual exploitation' Fight: Jefford Dominguez was arrested in the same raid.

All suspects remain under investigation by police, the statement said.

But they face an uphill battle to stamp out the multi-billion dollar industry The Women and Children Protection Centre, part of the Philippine National Police, confirmed: 'The suspects, caught in the act of recruiting and using children for online trafficking, pornography and sexual exploitation, were later identified as Jeffryl Aque, Lany Buco, Jefford Dominguez, Kissy Pepito, and Cindy Omisol.'‘You can track down payments through all these channels, and maybe you can find them on social media and adult websites, or whatever, but in order to get them in front of a judge you have to find evidence and that is very, very difficult.' Slavery: It is not just the cybersex industry young girls have to try and avoid - they can also be trafficked out of the country, but Bridge is determined to start fighting this appalling trade.Therefore you just completed composing this good article that everyone’s gonna like, but you are not performed but.So they are really raised to abuse by the predators.They come from the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and Korea.Poverty combined with the rise of cheap, high speed internet access has turned the country into the hub of a billion-dollar cyber sex industry with tens of thousands of girls being exposed to sexual abuse.Caught: Kissy Pepito (left )and Cindy Omisol (right) were also taken into custody.